What Is Laptop Recycling?

A Guide for First-Timers

The benefits of recycling laptops are numerous. Laptop recycling reduces the amount of electronic waste in landfills, it saves energy and natural resources, and there is a monetary incentive to recycle old laptops as well. We will discuss what laptop recycling is, how to go about doing it for the first time, and some tips on where you can find more information on laptop recycling!

The first thing you should know about laptop recycling is that it can be beneficial to both you and the environment. The benefits of laptop recycling are numerous – from reducing landfill waste, saving energy, to even making some money off old laptops!

Laptop Recycling

Laptop recycling reduces electronic waste in landfills . When a computer or monitor ends up in a landfill an estimated amount of 85 percent will end up leaching into our groundwater supply within ten years (source). Laptops contain batteries which produce volatile organic compounds when they break down for prolonged periods of time. By sending your old computers and monitors out for recycling instead of throwing them away you prevent potentially harmful substances leaking into soil, air, water supplies etc., and also save space if all we’re getting rid on electronics was to be thrown away.

Laptop recycling saves energy and natural resources . It’s estimated that over 750 million pounds of e-waste is being generated annually in the United States alone (source). That’s a lot of metal, plastic, glass etc., wasted on electronics! If you are looking to recycle your old computers or monitors then consider doing it with an organization which recycles them responsibly – this means they salvage reusable parts and materials from the electronic waste they receive, rather than simply discarding it as trash. Well managed recycling programs also lessen our dependency on raw material extraction for new gadgets and devices by reusing what we already have lying around instead. Computer Recycling Center , one of the largest laptop recycling companies currently operating in North America, is an excellent example of a recycler which meets these high standards.

Laptop recycling can also offer you some monetary incentive . If your laptop is still in good working condition, or if it contains valuable and reusable parts, then there are companies out there who will happily take it off your hands in exchange for cash. This type of recycling is called laptop refurbishing and it can be a great way to earn some extra cash for an old computer you no longer need. Companies which offer this kind of service include Dell Reconnect , TerraCycle, PC Rebuilders & Recyclers etc., there are options out there!